Mini Mix

The 'Mini Mix' is an alternative style of collective worship designed to engage primary school children. This is achieved by using electronic visual aids, modern songs and Bible stories chosen to give a clear message in a cool and funky way. It has the same structure each month, as from experience we have found that young people respond well to this.

The 'Mini Mix' is delivered by our Founder and Youth Pastor Daniel England who has been sharing his Love of God with young people in and around Yeovil for nearly 10 years.

A typical 'Mini Mix' consists of:


The school arrives to modern Christian music.


The young people engage in a countdown to prepare themselves for assembly.


Explaining the theme for the assembly and giving the young people the opportunity to discuss what that means to them, and how that links to their relationship with God.


Fun and exciting songs which often have actions, or can have actions made up to fit them. Songs that reinforce the importance of God in our lives.


A story normally read from a children's publication which is often easier to understand. This is then followed by a brief message on how they can use this and apply it in their daily lives.


But only if there's enough time!


A prayer for all the young people, teachers, staff and governors at the school.


An alternative version of the Lord's Prayer. Please see below.


Letting the young people know that we have finished our assembly and advertising any local Christian events that they may find interesting.


The school departs to more modern Christian music.

The Mini Mix Lord's Prayer

This version of the Lord's Prayer was written by the young people at Preston Road Methodist Church in Yeovil. They studied the original prayer for 4 weeks during Sunday school and then wrote this version in language that they found easier to understand. Many schools now find this version helpful whilst studying the original in religious education. Please feel free to print off or replicate a copy if you would find it helpful.

Heavenly Father of all, we honour you,
We accept you as our King,
May we follow your ways so that earth becomes like Heaven,
Give us all we need for our minds and bodies,
Forgive us all that we do wrong as we forgive other people,
Do not test us more than we can cope with, and keep us from evil,
The Kingdom is yours,
The Power is yours,
And the Glory is yours,